Secretworld High Table — Overview

First metaverse bridge between real and the virtual world on blockchain.

What is metaverse

The phrase “Metaverse” refers to an online virtual space on the internet. It includes various aspects of the internet such as social media, gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, and digital currencies.

Who are we; secret world

Secret world is an RPG built and backed by the BSC network. It comprises a secret society located in the heart of crypto. Built on BSC, this secret world only allows a handful of limited influential individuals to enter their secret society. The secret world consists of different industries as metaverse where game members will be able to travel back and forth. Our game is built on the PP & PE gaming model, which is a deviation from the traditional Ply-to-earn model. We are an RPG for blockchain gamers and traditional gamers, alike. Our motto is, game first.

Why Binance smart chain

Binance smart chain token standard BEP-20 supports the use case of non-fungible tokens. Aside from that, Binance smart chain offers the cheapest transaction fee, making the blockchain the most attractive blockchain for new and mid-senior level investors. Besides, BSc can also execute a large number of transactions in a given time, thus providing scalability to its users.

Business model

The native token of the secret world is $SSD. Members of the game can use their tokens to purchase different in-game items. Eventually, these tokens can be used to upgrade levels in the game. Members of different levels wear badges as NFTs. Other assets in the game are also in the form of NFTs.

Multiple income streams:

Secret world offers multiple passive income streams for its players. Firstly, users can create in-game assets in the form of NFTs that can be traded in the BSC marketplace. Secondly, users can stake their NFTs and tokens on the platform’s secret staking pool that offer standard and compound staking with high APY. Lastly, users can buy and hold secret world native utility tokens as a store of value assets.In addition to this we plan to offer additional services in the future. Some of our under-development features are:

  • NFT ‘expansion set’ sales
  • Secondary market royalty fee structure
  • Game reward model
  • Mobility and interoperability
  • Compounding growth loops
  • Hyper competitive user acquisition

SSD Mission

Our mission and vision is to revolutionize blockchain gaming while keeping the true essence of PVE games alive. Secret world game is inspired by the presence of secret societies operational in different areas of the world. It is an attempt to bring new gaming technologies in our old games to strike the right balance of innovation and nostalgia.



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Secretworld, a bridge between the physical world and the virtual world using metaverse!